Liberty Walk has made the Mitsuoka Orochi palatable for human eyes

By topgear, 14 January 2022

Fabled Japanese tuner's latest modified creation is a GT3-style Orochi. And we’re big fans

Usually Liberty Walk creations cause a fair bit of consternation on these pages. The world’s greatest supercars have to have their arches angle-grinded to get that proper widebody look, and clearly not everyone is a fan.

We’re not sure there’ll be too much opposition to this latest creation, though. Yep, it’s a Liberty Walk Mitsuoka Orochi – the oddball Japanese ‘supercar’ that featured a mid-mounted 230bhp 3.3-litre Toyota V6 and was seemingly styled on a squished frog.

This is... different. The Orochi – a car originally named after an eight-headed, eight-tailed dragon from Japanese legend (of course it was) that went off sale in 2014 – seems to suit the slammed widebody look down to the ground. No pun intended. It almost makes us sad that Mitsuoka never went racing.

Liberty Walk undertook this project with Japanese aftermarket headlight specialist Sphere Light, so as well as new bulbs all round, there’s riveted arches, a new front splitter, massive wheels with a fair bit of negative camber at the rear, a quad-exit exhaust and of course that giant GT3-style rear wing. Nice little lightning bolt livery, too.

There’s no word on any performance alterations, but we’d like to imagine there’s a tuned 2JZ dropped in there for good measure…