Launched: 2019 Nissan Leaf – From RM189k, 311km max range

By thoriq, 23 July 2019

Local Nissan vanguards Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd (ETCM) have kept its promise to local electric vehicle (EV) fans, with the firm launching the new second generation Nissan Leaf locally earlier today.

Like before, the Leaf remains as a pure EV, ditching internal combustion, pistons and petrol altogether in favour of an electric motor unit.  In this new one, said heart has been beefed up to deliver 110kW (roughly 150hp) and 320Nm.

Like before again, drive goes exclusively to the front wheels via a single-speed box, allowing for a 7.9-second 0-100kph sprint time and 155kph restricted V-Max. Of course, these figures aren’t as important as the next set of details.

In this new Leaf, Nissan claims a maximum travelling distance of 311km based on New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) test mode. Taking our climate into account, real world figures may be lower, perhaps not by much.

In contrast, that’s still marks a huge improvement over the last generation Leaf which, in its final 2016 model year form, packed a 24kWh Lithium Ion battery that led to its claimed US EPA-rated maximum range of roughly 172km (107 miles)


As expected, this new generation Leaf was able to better its predecessor in terms of range thanks to its larger new 40kWh Lithium Ion battery capacity, which is nearly double from the previous generation.

As for charging, the new Leaf comes standard equipped with a 6.6kW (Type 1) Wall Box Charger kit for you to install at home. Use this and a full charge will take just 7 hours – approximately 22km of range for every 30 minutes of charging.

Notably, ETCM have readied these standard wall box chargers at 17 of its outlets nationwide, with more on the way, and access to these is free for owners – one of several unique perks ETCM have devised exclusively for Leaf owners.

7 hours too long for you? Fret not as you can get a full charge in just 60 minutes using a 50kWh CHAdeMO quick charger. However, only a handful of these are present in the country for now.

Nevertheless, range anxiety would be the last thing on your mind should you drive the Leaf right, and there’s plenty of new features present on board that helps make light of this task.

Highlights include a world’s first e-Pedal drive mode, which allows drivers to use just one pedal (the accelerator) to accelerate, decelerate and stop. However, it’s worth noting that this mode is best suited for city driving conditions only.

Besides that, there are the four driving modes present too. Things start with D Mode that maximises performance and responsiveness, followed by a B Mode that favours maximum range instead with a more aggressive regenerative braking setting.

RM188,888 includes a 3-year or 100,000km warranty plus a 3-year or 60,000km free service and an 8-year or 160,000km warranty for the battery.

ECO Mode sees the motor’s output limited to conserve energy, with both the regenerative braking and on-board air con being re-optimised here too. Lastly, B-ECO Mode allows for maximum driving range, and is best suited for downhill driving thanks to its heightened regenerative braking state.

Moving on to safety and, this is yet another area that’s been enhanced tremendously. Standard-equipped now are things like forward collision warning and intelligent city braking, which comes on top of 6 airbags, ABS, and stability control.

As for convenience, there’s a 5-inch infotainment display unit, automatic air-conditioning, cruise control, as well as keyless entry and 360-degree parking monitor. Other tasty bits include its full-LED lighting and snazzy 17-inch alloy wheels.


Overall, it’s plain to see that this new generation Nissan Leaf is almost twice the car than before, perhaps justifying its princely RM188,888 starting price tag? That’s before factoring insurance and registration costs mind you.

Fortunately, said price does include a 3-year or 100,000km warranty plus a 3-year or 60,000km free service and an 8-year or 160,000km warranty for the battery.

If that’s too pricey, ETCM have also readied its All-new Nissan Leaf Subscription Program. This alternative lets you take up a 3-year ‘subscription’ of the Leaf instead at a rate of RM3,500 per month (excluding insurance).

So, has the new Leaf left you, well… electrified?