Latest Caterham has power-to-weight ratio like a modern supercar

By ahmadzulizwan, 25 July 2019
Caterham 485 CSR

Here’s a CSR that gets you feeling all warm inside – if not rapid heartbeats – for entirely different reasons. What you see here is the Caterham 485 CSR, that pinnacle of the Sevens range in EU packing 237ps and 206Nm from that 2-litre Ford Duratec mill.

That sounds like a fairly sensible amount, but in a Caterham that nudges the bathroom scale at just 580kg, means that 0-100kph take just 3.9 seconds, before topping it at 225kph. That’s supercar territory right there; and the car’s 409ps-per-tonne ratio puts it in the same room as a Lamborghini Huracan or a Ferrari 599.


The Caterham 485 CSR comes with inboard push-rod suspension, fully independent double-wishbone rear suspension, 15-inch CSR alloys, sticky Avon ZZS tyres, carbon fibre dashboard, adjustable leather seats, limited slip diff, and collapsible Momo steering wheel. On top of that, Caterham also offers customisation through their Signature personalisation range. Extra options include carbon fibre front wings and a black Alcantara dashboard, among others.

The Caterham 485 CSR is the result of tightening regulations and the company having to limit their spread of models in Europe to watch out for WLTP demands.

Price? €54,995 or roughly RM253,000.