Lamborghini Mexico celebrates 10th anniversary with four special Huracán EVO

By sep, 15 July 2021

Lamborghini Mexico is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year by launching four special edition Huracán EVO designed by their distributors in Mexico, Grand Chelem, and of course, Lamborghini's exclusive customization program in Italy, Ad Personam. These models were designed to represent four key themes in Mexican culture which are Vita (Life), Morte (Death), Sogno (Dream), and Tempo (Time).

Configured using a wide array of colours and finishes, each Huracán EVO looks more special than the next, a breath of fresh air into what the V10-powered supercar is capable of in terms of amazing exterior design. One thing is for sure, the Mexicans have fine taste in dressing up their Lamborghinis to make them look even more special.

Starting with the Vita Edition (Life), the supercar comes with a very special Verde Ermes Green and Oro Elios Gold colourway that represents life and nature. More gold highlights can be found in the interior, which is further amplified with a special eagle emblem that represents freedom and success.

As for the Morte Edition (Death), the Blue Astraeus is the way to go together with bronze accents that can be seen on the exterior as well as interior. A skull emblem is used to represent all the experiences we have gone through and will go through to prepare for the journey between life and death. Scary thoughts, but quite an amazing looking Huracán EVO, eh?

Moving on to the Sogno Edition (Dream), its Blu Symi (light blue) exterior colour makes it arguably the most distinctive model out of the four thanks to its combination with the Oro Elios Gold highlights. This car is said to represent mythical creatures in Mexican folk art, which is why they've used a two-headed dragon for the emblem.

Finally, the Tempo Edition (Time). After 10 years of business in the country, the blacked-out Huracán EVO uses a snake as its emblem to symbolise the 'reinvention of oneself by the shedding of the skin'. You can never go wrong with the Nero Nemesis matte black and Bronzo Serse accents, which are also replicated for its interior. Not sure about you guys, but Death has never looked so good.

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