Lamborghini celebrates second-best sales year in 2020 - 7,430 cars delivered

By sep, 19 March 2021

Ducati just reported that their 2020 sales and turnover figures in 2020 have been quite positive, despite the economic shutdown imposed to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Italy last year, and the same trend is being reported once again by Lamborghini. In fact, 2020 is regarded as the brand's second-best year ever when it comes to turnover and sales figures globally. Surprised? Yup, us too.

The Italian premium supercar manufacturer ended the fiscal year 2020 with a turnover of 1.61 billion euros (RM7.89 billion). To put things into perspective, that figure is only 11% lower compared to how they performed in 2019. Despite the production halt imposed by the Italian government last year, Lamborghini still managed to successfully deliver a total of 7,430 cars to customers around the globe, and that is only 775 units less compared to 2019.

According to Stephan Winkelmann, President & CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, "Our immediate responsiveness, an ideal model mix, and the growing demand for customization of our products pushed profitability to the highest levels. In such a difficult year, the brand demonstrated great strength and continued its growing appeal, bucking the trend in the global luxury industry."

“2021 opened with a very positive outlook: deliveries in the first two months of this year have already surpassed those of the previous pre-pandemic period, and the orders placed thus far already cover nine months of production," added Winkelmann. China of all places is set to take the second top spot in sales figure for 2021 judging by the growing trend in the region. It's hard to take that number one spot from the US with over 2,000 cars delivered last year. What global economic crisis, you ask?

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