KLIMS 2018 – Myvi GT appears

By ahmadzulizwan, 22 November 2018

A Perodua Myvi GT? Even the name may get some fans of this mega popular model foaming at the mouth. And yes, it does look special – even if we think the term GT here is used quite liberally.

In any case, the Myvi GT is described by Perodua as a ‘design exercise’ meant to explore a sportier option for the Myvi. The bodykit comprise of front and rear bumpers, 17-inch rims, Alcantara-wrapped bucket seats, flat-bottomed steering wheel and even upgraded brakes to Brembo.

It sits lower thanks to aftermarket suspension, and for extra style points – a sunroof, carbon fibre trim, and splashes of red to contrast the primary hues.

Let’s just make it clear though, this is a design exercise, meaning that it’s not about to hit production. But anyone bold enough to say some Myvi owners will take this as inspiration?