JPJ's uninsured vehicle crackdown starts today

By sep, 24 November 2021

Those who still have vehicles with expired insurances should renew them ASAP

The Road Transport Department of Malaysia or more lovingly known as JPJ has initiated its latest 'Ops Sedar' today (24 November 2021) and this time around, they're not playing. This latest enforcement exercise will take place nationwide via strategically-placed roadblocks to crackdown on vehicles with no valid insurance.

Most of you may already know this, but vehicles with expired road taxes during the many MCO lockdowns and National Recovery Plan early phases were still legal to be operated on the roads as long as they have valid insurance coverages. But for some folks, that wasn't the case.

Based on a number of observations from the authorities, there were quite a significant number of uninsured vehicles on the road and this is what JPJ is planning to address (and enforce) via Ops Sedar starting today.

As for expired vehicle road taxes and driving licenses, that is still under the 'moratorium' stage as holders can still operate vehicles until the end of December. However, authorities have advised not to renew them at the last minute in order to avoid congestions or issues. FYI, you can already renew them at the post office (much shorter lines there than the ones in JPJ).