It's a Lamborghini Aventador, but you can't call it an Aventador

By sep, 28 July 2021

This carbon-fibre clad Lamborghini Aventador is called the Huber Era

The final Lamborghini non-hybrid V12 model was recently launched in the form of the Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae. It's an end of an era, but what's to come will surely be an exciting time for the Italian supercar maker. As sort of a tribute, there's a company who managed to 'facelift' the Aventador (with the blessing of Lamborghini, of course) and it looks insanely sexy.

Aftermarket company, Huber, struck a deal with Lamborghini to put their own personal touch on the Aventador, and the end-result is this, the Huber Era. The bespoke coachbuilder based in the UAE first released photos of the bodykit for the Aventador back in January, and this is the end result. Who knew that you can make the Aventador look even more aggressive?

There will only be 21 units of the Huber Era to go into production where each bodykit upgrade will cost the owner €30,000 (around RM150,000) and that's not including the car. That RM150k will get you a brand new front and rear fascias thanks to all that carbon fibre goodies you see in the photos.

The front end comes with a more aggressive facade thanks to the bigger corner intakes fitted with winglets, a giant splitter so low to the ground that you can probably pick up a coin (if you're heavy enough to weigh the car down). As for the rear, it's just as crazy with the reworked exhaust outlet and rear diffuser that's a bit more subtle than the front.

Why do keep thinking about Skrillex and Rick Ross' song, " Purple Lamborghini"...

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