Isuzu Malaysia targets for safer customer experiences

By sep, 12 August 2021

Isuzu Malaysia will be focusing a lot more on online experience for better safety

We all have to face the facts that COVID-19 will most likely stay with us for an extended period of time, but that doesn't mean that everything should grind to a halt. As an effort to provide a better yet safer customer experience, Isuzu Malaysia will be pushing a lot more effort on its online experience, from new car sales to aftersales services.

According to Kenkichi Sogo, the new COO for Isuzu Malaysia's Light Commercial Vehicle Division, "The launch of our latest Isuzu D-Max model during the pandemic necessitated a paradigm shift in the way we presented our new models to prospective customers. As we move towards greater leniency, we need to vigilantly evolve yet remain relevant to the situation in our Gemba."

The significant amount of interest for Isuzu's latest pickup truck range has surged since the launch of the new D-Max, and they want to keep rolling with that via the development of the brand's online experience for interested customers. Prospects can now explore the new Isuzu D-Max inside and out without having to visit any physical showrooms, with more services made available online.

Customers can even submit a request for a test drive vehicle where it'll be brought to them at a safe and convenient location (terms and conditions apply, of course). Isuzu Malaysia is also working hard on developing procedures for aftersales services to ensure a smoother and hassle-free experience for current and future owners. 

"Due to the restrictions in operations and the limited amount of logistics activities allowed over the past months, a key initiative will be to safely and efficiently deliver the new vehicles to their owners as quickly as possible. We hope all our customers will remain patient and maintain compliance to the set procedures to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all," added Sogo.

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