Isn’t this Lego Bentley Blower just tremendous?

By topgear, 14 July 2020

Lego’s Ideas website is a wonderful place. It’s where fans post their one-off creations, custom builds they’ve slaved over for months (or even years). Upload your build to the site, get 10,000 ‘supporters’, and Lego might even put your idea into production, for actual people to buy in actual shops. It’s how the Lego Caterham came to be.

At the time of writing, the fantastically accurate Bentley Blower up top has just over 4,000 supporters. And it needs more, because it’s tremendous and we’d quite like to buy one.

Creator “17BenBricks” says it took around eight months and countless rebuilds to perfect, with working steering that mimics the original’s ‘worm and sector’ setup and an accurate representation of the 4.5-litre supercharged engine.

The model makes use of both regular Lego bricks and Technic parts, like the ones used to build the massive Bugatti Chiron, Land Rover Defender and Lamborghini Sián models of which we are also big, big fans.

It has a removable bonnet (with period-correct straps), a removable spare wheel and small storage box, plus a rear diff that’s actually hooked up to the engine (so the crankshaft turns when it’s pushed along). It’s even the right colour, with 17BenBricks custom-painting the whole the whole thing green and applying a mini GB sticker, Union Jack and racing number.

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Images: 17BenBricks on Lego Ideas