Is this the cutest Nissan GT-R in the world?

By topgear, 15 August 2018

Remember Face Swap? Y’know, the 2016 app that had every man, woman and dog in the land swapping faces for Whatsapp group chat lols? Well, this is what happens when cars get in on the act.

Recently, those crazy cats at Liberty Walk took a tiny Daihatsu Copen and, with the magic of determination and an angle grinder, managed to graft a squished Nissan GT-R’s face and backside onto it. Then, LW riveted on flared arches, slammed it to the ground, added the biggest wing they could find and finished it in chrome. Because Japan. Because Liberty Walk.

By now you may be aware that this Japanese tuner represents the epitome of Marmite tuning. So, do you love LW’s latest work or loathe it?