Is Jaguar’s 1,020bhp Vision GT Coupe the most beautiful EV?

By topgear, 28 October 2019

Jaguar knows how to design a pretty car, and even a handsome EV – the I-Pace is a looker, says us, and who’d dare disagree? But Jag’s young team of designers has outdone itself here. This is the Vision Gran Turismo Coupe and well, phwoar, eh? A classically low, long-bonneted, svelte-hipped sports car if ever there was one.

The spec has a few highlights too. Firstly, it’s electric, but it can make a noise like a D-Type thanks to a recording made of an original racecar – see the gallery below. We’re told “its race-spec 3.8-litre XK engine provides a unique layer, manipulated and woven into a futuristic and distinctive electric soundtrack.” R-r-r-r-remix, anyone?

So, the noise is fake, but the power is prodigious. Twin rear motors and a third powering the front axle combine for 1,020bhp. Jaguar says the VGTC is good for 0-100kph in 2.0 seconds, and it’ll scythe on to 322kph.

Jaguar says it’s made of carbon fibre and aluminium alloys, but this is also a bit… synthetic. It’s actually made from imagination and pixels. See, this car doesn’t exist. It’s not the new F-Type – it’s a playable download in Gran Turismo. It’s what Jaguar’s designers would have us all driving if Ready Player One actually became real-life. How else would a massive EV sporting a huge active rear wing weigh only 1,400kg?

And so, this is where the features become even more detached from reality. Take the interior, apparently inspired by old Le Mans cars. Really? We don’t remember Ecurie Ecosse popping up in Star Wars. Jaguar points out “the augmented reality digital side glass for enhanced vision either side of the car; the glass being able to highlight danger and obstacles, therefore increasing driver perception.” Yep, glass is digital now.

You’ll be able to play the Jaguar VGTC in Gran Turismo Sport from November 2019. Some of these online races can last hours. Wonder what the range is like?