How Shell is keeping Malaysians safe from Covid-19 at its stations

By daryl, 23 March 2020

A global pandemic can turn a chore as simple as stopping at a gas station for fuel and snacks into a tense situation out of fear of contracting Covid-19. In light of these trying times, Shell Malaysia is determined to restore peace of mind at its stations by implementing a series of prevention guidelines at all of its 950 stations nationwide for the wellbeing of its employees and customers alike. 

For starters, high-frequency touchpoints such as petrol pumps, fuel nozzles, keypads, door handles, pay windows, cashier areas, tissue dispensers, switches, taps and sinks are disinfected on an hourly basis. Similarly, restrooms will be cleaned every hour with steps to ensure that ample soap and water are always readily available for the use of personal hygiene. 

The hourly sanitisation also applies inside Shell Select stores, particularly at customer amenities such as coffee machine touchscreens, Deli2go countertops, pastry thongs and showcase handles. As per the movement control order guidelines, customers are only allowed to make take-away purchases or delivery orders during this period. Stations will also provide social distancing markers throughout the store and at pay window areas to mitigate the risk of spreading airborne diseases.


"We have approximately more than 10,000 number of site staff helping us ensure our stations continue to operate. These are our "site heroes" who are taking the extra initiative to clean, disinfect and continuously ensure that we are able to power Malaysia and all the necessary transportation, ambulance, logistics and essential services that keep Malaysia going in this trying time. To them, I cannot express enough of our heartfelt gratitude and we will do everything to keep them safe while on duty,"

Shairan Huzani Husain, MD of Shell Malaysia Trading and Shell Timur

On the topic of the Malaysians manning Shell stations nationwide, the oil and gas company also confirmed that the health of site staff is tracked and monitored on a regular basis. This includes temperature checks before the start of every shift, and the usage of face masks, nitrile gloves and social distancing precautions.