Horus introduces new car care solutions

By thoriq, 11 June 2019

The Horus brand name seeks to take car care to the next level after introducing its new Horus Detailing Studio and Horus Car Care range of products.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Horus is firstly renowned for its range of premium window tint films – a product that sees the brand allowing business owners to streamline processes while yielding greater productivity and profitability by applying stringent quality control and simplified product range concentrating on the very best quality.

More recently, Horus has expanded its forte by introducing its Horus Detailing Studio series that comprises of Horus Premium Coatings, Horus Car Care, Anti-Bacterial Solution as well as Premium Paint Protection Film (PPPF) products.

Horus Premium Coatings
Targeted towards premium luxury vehicles, Horus Premium Coating utilises the brand’s Nano Technology coating, which is a hybrid of ceramic and quartz minerals that leaves your car with a permanent wet look that shines whilst also repelling dirt and grime. It comes with a 5-year warranty as well as 5-year inclusive free yearly maintenance.

Horus Car Care
In its very essence, Horus Car Care is a collection of organic and biodegradable automotive car care products. Included here is an automotive shampoo, a performance detailer, a tyre detailer and a leather detailer, cleanser & conditioner all in one.

Specially designed for simple and easy application for the automotive business environment, Horus Detailing Studio has created smarter and more convenient ways to work by providing the 4 products offered by Horus Car Care range that can be applied by everyday people in their comforts of their own home.

Anti-Bacterial Solution
Horus Detailing Studio also introduced a non-toxic anti-bacterial solution. Applicable in the cabin of your car and air-condition ventilation system, the solution is able to eliminate up to 98% of bacteria present here to protect occupants. Each application lasts approximately 3 months.

Horus Premium Paint Protection Film (PPPF)
The Horus Premium Paint Protection Film (PPPF) was developed to provide a very high gloss and durable finish that focuses in providing protection to areas of the vehicle that is most prone to stone chips & scratches such as the headlamps, spotlights, door inserts, door sills as well as boot linings. Horus PPPF comes with a 3- year warranty from yellowing, peeling, cracking and adhesive failure.

Find out more about Horus and its range of products by visiting horus-asia.com. Those keen on giving the Horus Car Care product line a try can do so by purchasing them on the Lazada online shopping platform.