Honda reveals new interior design philosophy - "Simplicity and Something"

By sep, 27 April 2021

Honda posted a video today showcasing its latest interior design philosophy that'll lead the way for future Honda models, and it's called the simplicity and "something" philosophy. We're not quite sure who came up with the words for this, but it seems to have chimed well with the big bosses. Essentially, it's a newer version of Honda's classic "We Make It Simple" and "Man Maximum, Machine Minimum" approaches they've used forever.

According to Johnathan Norman, Creative Lead for Honda Interior Design US, "Simplicity in design requires not only a strong philosophy but a discipline toward the user experience. We've heard from designers working for other brands who say they were inspired by the simple, human-centered design of old Hondas. Well, so are we!"

Essentially, all new upcoming Honda models will focus on offering a clutter-free interior with enhanced levels of visibility as well as safety. That's the 'simplicity' part. The "and something" part, on the other hand, is the 'personality and character of the design meant to invoke a positive emotional response from the driver and passengers, expressed through design details such as the careful knurling of a knob or charm of a material.'

Words can mean so many things when explaining this new design philosophy from Honda, but the video posted by them will hopefully clear the air a bit in getting people excited for what they've in store for us in the near future.

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