Honda Malaysia recalls 9,998 units of Honda Accord

By ahmadzulizwan, 25 April 2019

Honda Malaysia has announced a recall for 9,998 units of the 2.0L Accord made from 2003 to 2007. If you’re an owner of such a car and feeling a sense of déjà vu, that’s because this is the second time this particular batch of cars are under recall – for the same reason – due to the Takata airbag inflator.

However Honda Malaysia puts customer safety in high importance, so this second recall is necessary as a precautionary measure. The second replacement of the defective Takata driver front airbag inflator is free of charge and the cost of the replacement will be borne by the company. All other models currently being sold are not affected.

As of today, there are no crashes or injuries related to the Takata driver front airbag inflator in the Accord (2.0L) 2003 – 2007 Year Model reported in Malaysia.

The second replacement airbag inflator stock for these 9,998 units 2003 – 2007MY Accord will be available in stages and Honda Malaysia is doing its best to ensure 100 per cent stock availability in the shortest period of time.

As at 21 April 2019, Honda Malaysia has completed more than 243,720 units of Takata driver front airbag inflator replacements, which translates to 92 per cent completion ratio. The total number of Takata driver and passenger front airbag inflator replacements completed is at more than 527,480 units or 89 per cent completion ratio.

Looking at those numbers, and the length of time this Takata issue has gone on, we have to strongly urge every Honda driver whose cars are under recall to send their car in for the Takata airbag inflator replacement. Your life may depend on it.