Honda Malaysia launches new SP Grade engine oil

By sep, 28 December 2021

The new SP Grade engine oil from Honda Malaysia is said to offer stable performance and fuel economy

Honda Malaysia has introduced its latest SP Grade engine oil for passenger cars that is said to provide optimal engine protection and performance. This move to further enhance its after-sales services for the customers also means that the new SP Grade will be replacing the outgoing SN Grade engine oils.

Formulated to meet the demands of modern Honda cars today, the new SP Grade engine oil comes in three different offerings - SP 10W-30, SP 5W-30, and SP 0W-20. These will replace all the SN engine oils with the same viscosity, except for the SN 0W-30, which will still be available for high-performing vehicles like the Civic Type R.

Approved and recommended by Honda's Research & Development unit, the new SP Grade engine oil is also said to provide other benefits such as:

  • Enhanced protection against low-speed pre-ignition
  • Timing chain wear protection
  • Better oxidation stability
  • Improved emission control system protection
  • Better sludge & varnish control + more
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