Honda is building a drag racing e and a kei car hill climber

By topgear, 20 January 2021

Remember the hearing-aid beige Jazz Crosstar Custom that Honda unveiled recently for the online-only 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon? Brilliant, wasn’t it?

Anyway, that wasn’t the only thing Honda had planned for this year’s virtual event. Two even more exciting things were apparently waiting in the wings…

Welcome, Internet, to the e-Drag and the N-One RS K-Climb.

Let’s start with the e. As you might have guessed, Honda is building this thing as a drag racer. Obviously. There’s no word on any powertrain changes, but the e has been given carbon fibre reinforced plastic body panels, modified suspension and 17-inch wheels from an NSX in order to fit slick tyres.

The interior has been stripped with two bucket seats fitted, and the public are being asked to decide out of three possible liveries for the finished racer. We cannot wait to see this thing sorted. 

The K-Climb is even better. Essentially, it’s a turbocharged N-One kei car with a six-speed manual gearbox and carbon fibre panels. It’ll also have revised suspension and a new rear spoiler once it’s finished and should be ready for actual competitions later this year. 

Got a favourite?