Hey friends, step inside this modded Tesla Model 3

By topgear, 12 December 2019

Loud, isn’t it? The regular Tesla Model 3 - officially Top Gear’s Saloon of the Year! - makes no traditional car noises of course, so Bulgarian modifier Vilner Garage has amped up the inside. Here, there is no ‘off’ button, only ‘11’.

Welcome then, to a “symbiosis of form and function”, according to Vilner, that “corresponds with the higher academic class of the fine arts”. It is a hand-built interior, that removes the factory trim and replaces it with straight-up free-form textile jazz.

There’s a turquoise wool damask covering the main bit of the seats and backrests. A similar colour – “but with a smoother nuance” – hits the side columns, centre console and sunroof trim.

There are leather elements too; a “warm copper tinge” outlining the seats, head restraints and upper parts of the centre console. Vilner has replaced the standard dash for a standalone touchscreen and a wood panel.

Flip down the sun visors and there’s yet more colour. Heck, even the seat belts are coloured, as is the ‘Airbag’ lettering on the steering wheel.

“All of this gives a typical car of the digital age an unadulterated sophistication, characteristically for long gone times filled with serenity and idealism,” says Vilner.

It’s quite… something, isn’t it? See more in the gallery prepared below...