Here's your first look at Travis Pastrana's modified Subaru GL Wagon

By topgear, 20 January 2022

Gymkhana star reveals his boxy new Subaru, and it's delightfully Eighties good

This just in, TopGear.commers: Travis Pastrana and Subaru have revealed the latest addition to the Gymkhana hall of fame, and it is a... modified 1983 Subaru GL Wagon. Because nothing screams socking great skids and huge, graceful jumps like a... 1983 Subaru GL Wagon.

Clearly, this being a Hoonigan production, and Subaru Motorsports not being shy of going flat out, it would be prudent to expect a healthy amount of horsepower emanating from the flanks of the delightfully boxy wagon. Though, we've only got these images to go on right now, so stay tuned for more info...