Here’s a better, unofficial look at 2021’s Formula 1 cars

By topgear, 31 August 2019

Well, doesn’t that look better than a wind tunnel prototype? These rather lovely renders are from TG’s friend Sean Bull, who has taken it upon himself to give the world a slightly better look at what Formula 1 will look like in 2021.

We have a particular soft spot for the Lotus livery, but that’s because, well, black and gold. Also any F1 car - regardless of era - looks better in Jordan green.

So, about the cars themselves. The aero has been simplified, with lower noses and front wheel winglets, and a reduction of ‘wake disruption’ from 50 per cent currently, to between five to ten per cent. Also BIG WHEELS!

(Click the images above to enlarge)

That means, according to the FIA’s single seater technical matters boss (his actual, real title) Nikolas Tombazis, “the following car is less susceptible to disruption”. Which ultimately means cars can follow more closely together without grenading their tyres, hopefully leading to more overtaking. And more overtaking is the ticket to a good race.

Now that you’ve digested these images, why not regale us with your thoughts on how the current crop of drivers would fare in close quarters battle against each other? Our money is on Hamilton vs Verstappen still being box office…

Images courtesy of Sean Bull Design