Here are some pictures of a perfect VW Golf GTI Mk II

By topgear, 22 October 2019

Later this week, Volkswagen will introduce the eighth generation of the thing that has quickly become the universal response to the ‘what car should I buy?’ question. Many millions of Volkswagen Golfs have been sold across the globe, but here’s one we particularly like.

The Mk II GTI. Look at its perfect lines, neat, squat stance and excellent proportions. Our motoring editor Ollie Marriage noted that “while the Mk I may have created the hot hatch, the Mk II set it on the right path and sealed its future status”.

It was originally launched in 1984 with a 1.8-litre four-cylinder producing around 110bhp, but a couple of years later was treated to the one everyone really wanted, the 16v. That boosted power to 137bhp, the top speed of 209kph, and slimmed the 0-100kph time to 7.9secs.

Here’s a totally unsurprising factoid for you: this Mk II GTI is as titchy as a current Volkswagen Polo; a car from the class below. And soon after the 16v was launched came the much trumpeted update of 1989. You all remember, right? The ‘big bumpers’ one. That was nice.

So, before we bring you news of the brand new one, take a moment to stare at pictures of the cool old one first. Enjoy.