Hennessey has modified the Ford Bronco to 500bhp

By ramieza, 05 October 2022

Hennessey has modified the Ford Bronco to 500bhp

Hennessey has modified the Ford Bronco Raptor to produce a power level once the sole preserve of supercar exotica. The VelociRaptor 500 Bronco now packs as much power as an old Porsche 911 Turbo.

Of course, the factory fresh Bronco Raptor, revealed earlier this year, already kicks out a healthy horsepower figure well north of 400bhp. To that car’s twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6, Hennessey has added a high-flow air induction kit, a bigger intercooler, and a better ECU along with a stainless-steel exhaust setup.

This liberates 500bhp and 62.14 Nm of torque from the six-pot, which in turn is likely to liberate choice language as it displays no doubt eye-opening turns of speed across all terrains.

Speaking of which, there’s been no modification to the suspension, so it remains as per Ford Performance’s specifications: Fox shocks, heavy-duty underbody protection, larger front and rear driveshafts over the ‘regular’ Bronco, and new control arms all round for better wheel travel.

Hennessey has jazzed up the visuals, mind. There are electric fold-out steps, new front and rear bumpers, LED lights up front, new badging and embroidering on the headrests. The upgrade costs $32,950 (RM152k), and you’ll need to Bring Your Own Bronco.

“Our customers are big fans of the new Bronco,” said John Hennessey, “but they’ve been asking us for more power and greater performance capabilities from day one. Ford’s Raptor version is a big improvement, but the engine has even more potential.

“Our engineering team has released its potency to create the ultimate all-powerful off-road SUV.”