Goodyear's "rechargeable" concept tyre will never need replacing

By daryl, 31 March 2020

The world of concept tyres is sometimes more bizarre than that of concept cars, and we've got the perfect example for it. Meet the Goodyear reCharge, arguably one of the wildest adaptations of the passenger car tyre we've seen recent times. 

As its name suggests, the tyre has the ability to recharge its tread compound. This is done by inserting a capsule into the centre of the tyre in a similar way to operating a Nespresso coffee machine. The capsule contains a liquid compound which then gets absorbed by the worn tyre tread over time, practically renewing the tyre without it leaving the car. How such a contraption would be mounted onto mass-produced vehicles in the first place still remains to be seen, as it is built around a "thin, robust low-maintenance construction that would eliminate the need for pressure maintenance or downtime related to punctures". Interesting... 

The liquid tread compound of the reCharge itself is something else. It is made from spider silk, regarded as one of toughest natural materials in the world, which is 100 percent biodegradable as well. To top it off, the compound can be tailored to driver preferences using AI, which basically eliminates the need for different tyre specs altogether. You'll just need to customise your compound, just like selecting the level of spiciness in your Nando's chicken. 

Obviously, there's still a long way to go before a product as technologically-laden as the Goodyear reCharge can see the light of mass production. Can you picture yourself 'recharging' your tyres instead of having a brand new set of rubbers fitted to your wheels like you're used to?