G-Wagen goes electric: this is the Mercedes EQG concept

By topgear, 06 September 2021

The Mercedes EQG Concept previews a G-Wagen from the future

mercedes eqg concept (electric g-class)

Good grief. As Mercedes advances towards it declared goal of 'electric-only', even the most unlikely candidates are being shifted to battery power. Welcome to the EQG. Here at the Munich motor show as a concept, but coming very soon as a production car.

At first, it might seem like the polar (bear) opposite of all the thuggish V8 G63 stands for. And yet Mercedes says it will be just as capable off-road as the combustion version.

Four motors are the key: one for each wheel, for what should be astounding traction and controllability, with max torque at zero revs. They'll have two-speed transmissions too.

The EQG will keep the ladder-frame chassis and live rear axle of the regular G-Class. So it's absolutely not some wimpish crossover.

mercedes eqg concept (electric g-class)
mercedes eqg concept (electric g-class)

The batteries, of unspecified capacity at this stage, will be wedged into that chassis frame. That'll keep the centre of gravity low, a handy thing when you're dangling on some hillside at an improbable angle. It'll also have the gumption to climb a 45-degree slope.

It's a concept, so natch gets some spangly concept design tweaks, not all of which will make production. We can't see the polished 22s being the ideal wheel for forging a path between rocks. The exterior protection strips have been backlit, and there's also a roof rack with peripheral striplights. The two-tone paint emphasises the clamshell bonnet. Instead of the tailgate spare wheel cover, there's a box for the charge cables.

What those people are doing in their 1980s sci-fi outfits, Top Gear has absolutely no idea.