Formula 1 is heading to Las Vegas in 2023

By sep, 31 March 2022

F1 is heading to the land of hotels and casinos because Monaco isn't enough anymore

The world of Formula 1 will be heading to Las Vegas in 2023 as the third American race venue added to next year's calendar. The new breed of F1 cars will be zooming past hotels and casinos as well as the famous Las Vegas strip with top speeds expected to hit over 340km/h.

In other words, it's yet another street circuit but like the city that never sleeps, these F1 cars will be racing against the endless neon light background. If there's ever a way to test the driver's sheer mental capacity for concentration, it would be at this venue.

F1 announced that the 14-turn track spans just over 6km (6.12km to be exact) with three straights, a high-speed cornering sequence, and a single chicane section. The Las Vegas GP is said to be over 50 laps. While the announcement is still very fresh, one thing is for certain - it won't be boring.

According to F1 President and CEO, Stefano Domenicali, "This is an incredible moment for Formula 1 that demonstrates the huge appeal and growth of our sport with a third race in the US. Las Vegas is a destination known around the world for its excitement, hospitality, thrills, and of course, the famous Strip."