Ford's bright red Ranger Raptor X is late to the CNY party

By daryl, 03 March 2021

This is the made-for-Malaysia Ford Ranger Raptor X Special Edition. And it marks the first time the range-topping variant of the Ranger is offered here in red – 'True Red' to be specific – officially at least. 

We can't help ourselves from thinking that maybe – just maybe – this was intended as a Chinese New Year special by local distributor Sime Darby Auto Connexion, with the finished product falling a few weeks short of the deadline – not that it mattered much given 2021's subdued celebrations. In any case, buyers still get some neat extras like a 360-degree camera, dual-channel Kenwood digital video recorder and a generous Raptor X branding in the form of exterior decals and floor mats. 

Everything else remains unchanged, which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering what's underneath the hood of the Ranger Raptor: a two-litre, twin-turbo 213PS/500Nm engine mated to Ford's 10-speed automatic transmission. Catalogue mainstays such as the Raptor's Fox Racing 'Shox' and Terrain Management System are all part of the deal as well.

The Ford Ranger Raptor X Special Edition retails for RM216,888, which means you'll only have to pay an additional RM6k for the unique red paintjob and the few perks that come with it. Prices include a five-year manufacturer's warranty capped at 160,000km.