Feast your eyes on AMG's 2,700bhp boat

By topgear, 19 February 2020

You thought a pumped-up G-Wagen was brash. AMG and Cigarette Racing have a bit of a thing going – the new 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition is the 12th boat to arise from the companies’ ‘strategic collaboration’ - and this time there’s a car to go with it, the one-off Mercedes-AMG G63 Cigarette Edition pictured above. It has a paint scheme to match the new boat’s, as well as a special blue & cream leather interior.


The boat itself is quite a thing. Cigarette does offshore powerboats, and this is a big one, at 59ft long with a 14ft beam (whatever that is). Carbonfibre was used extensively in its construction to keep weight down – even for the ‘stringers’ and ‘transom’ (seriously, if a boat person would like to enlighten us then please do) – and there are SIX supercharged 4.6-liter V8 outboard motors, giving much speed. A combined 2,700bhp gives a top speed of 129kph, which is a lot for something that has a king-sized bed, a stand-up shower and well-equipped kitchen.

The Tirranna, which can carry up to 26 people, even has a gyrostabiliser. This clever bit of tech reduces roll by 80 per  cent, making it much more comfortable in choppy waters.

Price? Well if you have to ask…