Fancy dark brown leather in your Honda HR-V RS?

By thoriq, 04 June 2020

When it finally debuted early last year, the new flagship Honda HR-V 1.8 RS variant introduced then had a lot going for for it, apart from the 'Ivory White' cabin leather trimmings and seat covers it initially came with that is.

Thankfully, Honda Malaysia remedied that by reintroducing the flagship HR-V variant again later in May that same year, this time with a visually more pleasant black-hued cabin leather trims and seats instead.

Of course, this then left some yearning for some added choice in the mix. Once again, Honda Malaysia has obliged to this, announcing today that the HR-V 1.8 RS variant now has a second cabin colour choice apart from black.

The new colour, which will don the RS variant's leather seats and cabin trims, is of a dark brown hue. Notably, this option was tailored exclusively for the Malaysian market – you'll not see another HR-V 1.8 RS with this cabin scheme anywhere else.

In other words, if you thought the HR-V 1.8 RS looked a tad to boring with a black cabin motif, here's a somewhat 'classier' option besides it. Apart from this, there are no other changes to report.

What do you think of this new dark brown leather option then? Yay or nay? We've added the side-by-side comparisons below for you to judge easier...