Fancy buying a footballer’s mad, modified Carrera GT?

By topgear, 30 January 2020

First, some context. Samuel Eto’o is a footballer. And Gemballa is one of the OG 80s tuners. The Carrera GT? That surely needs no context. Mr Eto’o sent aforementioned GT to Gemballa back in 2005, brand new, requesting Things. Gemballa undertook said Things, and now the Thing’d GT is up for auction courtesy of RM Sotheby’s.

About the mods. Gemballa fitted a bespoke ram air intake system, as well as a freer-flowing stainless-steel exhaust and a remapped ECU that birthed another 58bhp from the Carrera GT’s scintillating and sonorous race car 5.7-litre V10 engine. All in all, that’s good for a total power output of 670bhp and 629 of torque and a 0-200kph sprint of 3.7 seconds, plus – if you’re brave enough – a top speed of 334kph.

Gemballa didn’t stop there. The suspension was upgraded with adjustable coil-over shocks with independent adjustment for the bounce and rebound settings of the gas-filled dampers. Something we’re sure old Samuel was well up for. Then, more fitting for the footballer cruise, both axles were fitted with a ride height lift and the infamously tricky clutch was given new pads and pedal pressure to make it easier to drive through traffic.

Then, the visual makeover started. Depending on your disposition, this is where you may have to brace. Gemballa designed five-spoke wheels to help the cooling of the GT’s ceramic composite brakes, along with a bespoke bodykit, bonnet, roof scoop and skirts. Because it’s the ‘Gold Edition Mirage GT’, gold accents were added to the rear wing, wheels, air intakes, and mirrors. This continues inside, with various trim on the door handles, instrument cluster, gear shifter, steering wheel, and switchgear all finished in gold as well as an infotainment system with sat-nav being installed. Then it was cloaked in a paint job fit for a ropey magician.

As classifieds go, it’s got all the internet-grabbing headlines. Is it a supercar? Yes. Is it modified? Yes. Is it finished in a drastic spec? Yes. Is it owned by someone famous? Yes. Does that person just so happen to be a footballer? Yes. Ding! Ding! Ding! Considering what it’s based on, who owned it and the fact only 25 exist, the 4,000-mile Mirage is commanding a hefty price tag of somewhere in the region of £650-740k according to RM. Fancy it?