F1 recorded its shortest race in history - 2 laps!

By sep, 30 August 2021

Yesterday's F1 race saw the Belgian GP being recorded as the shortest race in history due to heavy rain

The Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium hosted Formula 1's shortest race in history after the entire grid completed two very slow laps behind the safety cars. Heavy rains which poured for many hours made the track pretty much too dangerous for high-speed racing.

Within the rules and regulations of F1, it is stated that a GP can be legally called a race after the completion of two laps. After over three hours of delay, the race organisers declared that it was 'okay' for the cars to go out onto the track behind the safety car. In total, three full laps were completed within eight minutes before it was stopped again. 20 minutes after that, they finally called it off.

Since 'racing' took place within the two formation laps, half points were awarded to the drivers according to their qualifying positions based on the fact that it was legally a race after two laps, but less than 75% of the race planned. This means that Red Bull's Max Verstappen is only three points away from the current championship leader, Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton.

This also meant that Williams Racing's George Russell scored his first podium finish considering that he qualified second on the grid. Lewis Hamilton had no other choice but to settle for P3 following the announcement and decision made by the race organiser.

Image source: F1

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