Donkervoort has given its mad D8 GTO even more power

By topgear, 10 September 2021

Donkervoort has given its mad D8 GTO even more power

‘Boutique customisation and more power’ – that’s what Dutch manufacturer Donkervoort promises with its new D8 GTO Individual Series. Sounds pretty perfect to us. This will actually be the last iteration of the D8 GTO, though (it’s been around since 2013), so it needs to go out with a bang. That delightful pink paintjob ought to do it.

Donkervoort has worked with German tuners ABT to extract a hefty 429bhp and 569Nm of torque from the GTO’s Audi-sourced 2.5-litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine. That makes it the most powerful engine ever seen in a Donkervoort, and with only around 680kg to shift the Individual Series can get from 0-100kph in just 2.6 seconds.

Apparently it’ll also be travelling nearly 7mph faster at the end of the Kemmel Straight at Spa-Francorchamps, meaning it can cut 1.4 seconds from the already bonkers JD70’s lap time. 

Well, that is if you spec it with the myriad of track-ready options. There are carbon fibre wheels, carbon race seats, multiple types of harness and roll cage, lighter batteries and even different suspension setups. 

You can have more track-biased brakes, different chassis setups, track-optimised damping, a faster steering rack, more cooling for the engine and even different aerodynamic setups. Heck, you can even replace the standard short-throw five-speed manual gearbox (complete with its rev-matching tech) for a six-speed sequential unit.

But Donkervoort doesn’t want the Individual Series to just be about track work. If you fancy going the other way, you can have air con, power steering, heated seats trimmed in just about any material, a reversing camera and matching luggage. You can also create your own paint colour, use multiple different colours or just clearcoat the carbon bodywork. 

“Let’s face it,” says Managing Director Denis Donkervoort, “anybody who drives a Donkervoort has a strong individual streak already, so we have evolved a model that gives them almost totally free control.” Interested? Prices start at £168,818 (RM968k). And that’s before you start getting creative with your options. Ouch…