David Beckham's Ferrari 360 Spider is now on sale for RM574k

By Gokul, 03 February 2023

The car was Beckham's daily driver 20 years ago

Ferrari 360 Spider

Just a few days after news broke that the late rally legend Collin McRae's Subaru Impreza S5 P2 WRC is looking for a new owner, another interesting listing from the UK has made its way to automotive news portals around the world today.

It is none other than the English football legend David Beckham’s once beloved Ferrari 360 Spider, which is now on sale in the UK.

While an average Spider currently costs around £60,000 (RM319,000) in the UK, the famous former owner and good condition of the this particular unit has pushed the price to £110,000 (RM573,672).

That being said, the Ferrari 360 Spider we're looking at here was owned by Beckham 20 years ago, arguably when he was at the peak of his powers.

Beckham owned the car in the early 2000s - around the time of his iconic free kick against Greece, coinciding with Manchester United winning the 2002-03 Premier League title, and the global icon being awarded an OBE in June 2003.

He then made his big-money move from Manchester United to Real Madrid where he cost the Galácticos approximately £25 million - the equivalent to 227 of his Ferrari 360 Spiders.

David Beckham Ferrari 360 Spider

Having once been on his ‘D7 DVB’ private reg, Beckham’s Ferrari is now back on an age appropriate Y registration. Chassis number 125058 has seemingly been doted on its entire life, accruing a mere 7,900 miles since 2001.

Regardless of its ownership history, this 360 Spider looks one of the finest examples out there, boasting Challenge-style wheels, a Tubi exhaust and carbon seats, an expensive option when new.

Looking at the condition, the mileage, and  the A-list history it has, there is no surprise that this car has become one of the more special 360s out there.

Even those not so interested in the football link, and simply after one of the best Modenas out there, would struggle to do much better. And for those that are, what a story you’ll have to tell when someone asks about your Ferrari.

In case you're interested, the car is currently being listed on a multi-national online automotive marketplace in the UK.

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