Continental helps #Live2Drive team on 52,000km journey

By ahmadzulizwan, 29 August 2018

A small group of classic Volkswagen enthusiasts successfully completed a journey of a lifetime after finishing a drive of over 52,000 kilometres from Malaysia to Europe via the trans-Siberia route. The entire journey took over eight months, across 30 countries, and totalling around 607 hours of being on the road driving.

Members of this #Live2Drive group spoke about their journey at Continental Tyre Malaysia’s head office in Petaling Jaya, as part of their appreciation to the company which provided them with some assistance, specifically providing tyres that can be used for the whole trip. Remarkably, the three VW Kombi and single Beetle didn’t require a lot of tyre change – in fact, there was hardly a need for a tyre change at all except for a puncture.

This is noteworthy because the journey included snowy and icy condition, on top of rough terrain. The tyres used were the ComfortContact6 and UltraContact6.


“Driving through what was a ‘cold summer’ in summer tyres was beyond my expectations. Cold summer is like driving up really high altitudes with cold temperatures, rough hard-off roads, as well as through snow and on some parts of icy roads,” one of the members of the group, Cliften Nathaniel said.

He added, “Despite all that, the tyres performed fantastically and made us wanting to keep driving. I used two different sets of Continental tyres: 185/65/15 and 215/55/17 for my Kombi – apart from the comfort, they also handled well in wet conditions and allowed me more confidence when driving through the continents in a classic car.”

Continental Tyre Malaysia’s managing director and head of Continental’s ASEAN region for BU PLT Replacement APAC, Cameron Wilson said, ”We are delighted to welcome the #Live2Drive team back to Malaysia and are proud of how the team managed to inspire those they meet as well as their contribution to the community along the way.”