Confirmed: the re-imagined Lister Knobbly is happening

By topgear, 15 March 2019

couple of weeks ago we showed you a drawing of a ‘new’ Lister Knobbly. Tweeted by company boss Lawrence Whittaker, it was a single computer render of a concept the company had, in his words, been “working on”. No info on whether or not it would be built, just a tantalising glimpse of what might be…

And, happy days, turns out it will be. Whittaker today tweeted another angle of the new Knobbly, which is named for a famous 1950s race car driven by the likes of Sir Stirling Moss, along with the news that it will indeed be built. Good news.

How many and for how much money remain unclear (we’re going with few and lots). As does what lies beneath. Lister’s relationship with Jaguar means the V6 or V8 from the F-Type is likely - the original Knobbly used a Jaguar inline six. Whatever engine it uses, though, no doubt it will be fast enough to rearrange your exposed face, and sound quite good with it.

Will it be a match for the Ferrari Monza? We’re looking forward to seeing it in the metal, and having a go, to find out.