Classified of the week: one-off 'Racing Green' Koenigsegg CCR

By topgear, 10 January 2020

Crikey that’s something to behold. That, of course, being a Koenigsegg CCR. Although not just any old CCR. This is the only one (and apparently the only Koenigsegg at all) finished in bespoke ‘Koenigsegg Racing Green’. 

There’s a bit of history to the colour too. Apparently, Jesko von Koenigsegg was a rather handy amateur jockey in his time – something he picked up off his father, who also bred and raced horses. In competition, the Koenigsegg stable colours happened to be white with lime green accents, hence the livery of the first Jesko hypercar displayed at Geneva, and hence the wonderful eyeball assault here. 

Like it? You’re in luck – this exact car is currently up for sale at Koenigsegg’s official UK dealer SuperVettura. All you’ll need to do is cough up the £1.35 million (RM7.2 million) asking price and you’ll own the thing. What a bargain. There’s only 7,800 miles (11,265km) on the clock too.

The CCR first debuted at Geneva in 2004 and instantly became the most powerful model in the CC range - its twin-supercharged 4.7-litre V8 producing 806bhp and 920Nm of torque. It also featured various aero improvements, bigger brakes, upgraded suspension and larger diameter tyres.

he example above was first registered in 2005 and that split rear wing is another feature bespoke to this car, as are the painted wheels. There were only ever 14 CCRs built by Koenigsegg, but this has to be the most unique of the lot. 

Click through the gallery below and enjoy.