Check out this Jimny with awesome side-exit exhausts

By topgear, 21 June 2019

The brilliantly boxy Suzuki Jimny clearly wants to be a Mercedes G-Class when it grows up. It’s had some help getting there too, remember the Liberty Walk kit that we brought you news of back in August last year?

The madcap Japanese tuning house essentially took all of their aftermarket bits from the G-Wagen and scaled them down for Suzuki’s loveable little £15,000 SUV. They even introduced the Jimny to its Stuttgart-born idol.

Not content with that though, Taiwanese company Frequency Intelligent Exhaust (Fi) has now given Suzuki’s little baby one of the G63’s signature features. Yep, it’s got side-exit exhausts.

How good do they look too? We might need a lie down. We know they’re impractical for any form of off-roading – and for any unsuspecting pedestrians – but come on.

Who wouldn’t want an angry little soundtrack to accompany the cute-looking Jimny either? Fi claims it has replicated the noise made by the G63’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, without even having to touch the Jimny’s 1.5-litre four-pot.

Work like that earns them huge respect from us. Well done all involved.

Images: Fi EXHAUST