Check out McLaren Special Ops' latest motorsport livery

By topgear, 14 July 2020

Is there a busier special ops department than McLaren’s? It seems not, sometimes, MSO pumping out motorsport-inspired supercars seemingly on a monthly basis. But with motorsport history like McLaren’s to riff off, we struggle to blame them…

So welcome to July’s MSO special. It’s the McLaren Senna supercar painted ‘n’ stickered in homage to the McLaren MP4/6 Formula One car of 1991, raced by – you guessed it – Ayrton Senna as he sealed his third (and final) F1 World Championship.

“The 1991 season which the MP4/6 raced in saw Ayrton win his first ever home GP in Brazil after years of trying,” reads the caption to the rather lovely image above. “He had to be lifted from the car through sheer exhaustion as he’d been racing since lap 50 (out of 71) without 3rd and 5th gear, and by the end he only had 6th gear left.”

A special car, then, and one of the most iconic that Ayrton’s modern production car namesake could nod to. If you need a reminder, the Senna is a car honed with dynamics very top of its agenda – hence the room-dividing looks – and gives you 789bhp and 800kg of downforce for your £750,000 (RM4 million+).

Like it? And which car/livery combo would you like to see from MSO next month?