Carlex Design’s Land Rover Defender is… interesting

By topgear, 04 December 2020

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t watched the 2020 Awards video yet – the Land Rover Defender wins the big one. 

To celebrate its achievement, we wrapped a 90 in a very fetching metallic gold livery. It really is very bright, and we imagined it would be the most garish example of the Defender on the Internet this week.

Oh, how wrong we were.


Welcome world, to the Carlex Design Land Rover Defender 110 Racing Green Edition. Striking isn’t it?

The Polish company is definitely on the right track with the green exterior and tan leather interior, but… those massive carbon fibre arch extensions are suspect. It looks like the Defender got a little too cosy with a Mini GP. 

“It will definitely turn heads wherever it goes,” says Carlex. You’re not wrong there folks. There’s carbon on the bonnet, the spare wheel cover and all over the interior too, despite the fact that it definitely doesn’t belong on a Defender at all.

Speaking of that interior, the front and rear seats have been redesigned and the whole thing has been retrimmed. There’ll be a limited edition plaque in each Racing Green Edition, with the name and serial number making each car unique. 

Wonder if they’ll need to go above #001?