Bugatti is building a new €5m hypercar called ‘Divo’

By topgear, 11 July 2018

There is a new Bugatti on the horizon, and – for once – the horizon is not the target. Prepare yourselves for the upcoming Bugatti Divo: a limited edition hypercar with a very specific focus.

Corners. Yep, the new Divo pays homage to Albert Divo (pictured above); the famed French driver who, in the 1920s, twice won the Targo Florio for Bugatti. To honour his feats on that twisty mountain course, Bugatti’s Divo has lasered in on driving dynamics.

We’re told the new car – using the Chiron’s chassis and 1,479bhp powertrain – will “be light and nimble and will boast enormous downforce and g-forces”. Bugatti promises “outstanding” handling properties.

Though the powertrain is established, the bodywork will be entirely new, harking back to Bugatti’s coachbuilding heritage. Indeed, Bugatti reminds us that in its early days, it regularly housed existing chassis over new bodies designed in-house under Jean Bugatti’s tenure.

The Divo will be fully revealed on 24 August at California’s Quail motorsports meet, and you will need to be fully on board for the ride: just 40 are being built, and each one is €5m (RM23.6m) each.

“With the Divo,” explains Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann, “we want to thrill people throughout the world. With this project, the Bugatti team has an opportunity to interpret the brand DNA in terms of agile, nimble handling in a significantly more performance-orientated way.”

You ready for a lightweight, coachbuilt Chiron that’ll tear an apex in half?