Brabus has given this G-Wagen pickup truck 789bhp

By topgear, 24 January 2022

German tuner describes this 5.3m long giant as the “ultimate off-road pickup”

Essentially it’s a RM3.4 million special edition of the ‘standard’ Adventure XLP – a car that’s already undergone a fairly major conversion with 50cm added to its wheelbase, a full pickup bed plonked on the back and portal axles shoved underneath for 49cm of ground clearance. Oh, and because it’s Brabus there are upgraded turbochargers and a new ECU for the 4.0-litre V8, so it now makes 789bhp and 1,000Nm of torque.

The SUPERBLACK gets pretty much every option box ticked over the stock RM1.8 million XLP, and combines that with all black everything. Even the jerry cans are painted to match the bodywork. The pickup bed is lined with Flexiteek – a material that Brabus uses on its boats (of course it does) – and there’s a frankly ridiculous amount of carbon fibre. Those weaved wheelarches alone add 11.6cm to the width of a standard G-Wagen.

Brabus describes the SUPERBLACK as the “ultimate off-road pickup”, although you’ll want to be pretty careful with the carbon fibre skidplate (what were they thinking?) and those light-up side-exit exhausts. The winch on the front is rated to 4,500kg, and the massive roof rack can apparently be teamed with a tent in case you fancy sleeping under – and very close to – the stars. 

The whole thing weighs 2,936kg, will do 0-100kph in 4.8 seconds and is limited to 210kph thanks to those all-terrain Pirellis. The interior gets a tonne of black leather, plus 206 elements finished in ‘Shadow Chrome’, according to Brabus.