BMW reckons it's redefined the scooter segment

By thoriq, 17 November 2020

Welcome, fellow internet users, to the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04. Quite the title, isn’t it? Essentially what we have here is a dystopian-looking EV scooter concept that BMW says will “redefine the scooter segment”.

There’s no doubting it looks cool (if you ignore the rider’s branded garms). The body sits low and houses the flat battery pack, the front end is sharp and less upright than your usual Deliveroo fodder, and the panels are cut at the rear to offer a view of the drive unit. It’s all a bit Blade Runner, and we can certainly get on board with that. 

It’s practical too, with a little cubby hole that can house a helmet as well as a clear 10.25-inch display on the dash. 

Apparently, the CE 04 is a ‘near-series’ concept, meaning something resembling this should reach production soon. Good news. There’s no word on the drivetrain though, so although we know it’s fully electric, it’s unclear how much power it’ll have and – more importantly – how far it’ll go on a single charge. 

Surely electric drive makes sense for scooters though, right? BMW reckons its target market rides just over seven miles per day on average. Thoughts?