BMW M 1000 RR lands in the Philippines- RM255,000

By sep, 22 June 2021

While we wait for the arrival of the BMW M 1000 RR here in Malaysia, the Philippines is a step ahead of us when they launched the brand's first M motorcycle for its local market. Being the first BMW bike to get the full M treatment, the M 1000 RR was designed to dominate races around the globe, particularly the WorldSBK.

If you're looking into getting your very own BMW M 1000 RR in the Philippines, it'll set you back at around PHP2,995,000, which is around RM255,000 when directly converted into our currency. That's quite an interesting prospect when it does arrive here in Malaysia considering the fact that the 2021 BMW S 1000 RR is priced at RM121,500 a pop.

The higher price tag does come with a lot of advantages, though. You're basically looking at a very well-prepped track-ready machine that's fitted with M milled parts, M carbon parts, M brakes, M winglets, higher windscreen, M carbon wheels, Akrapovic titanium full system exhaust, and more. These are all race-inspired parts that turn the bike into a machine that'll blast the front straights to a max speed of 306km/h (315km/h in race track gear ratio) paired together with superior braking and cornering prowess.

The ability to reach those high speeds quickly (0-100kmh in 3.1 seconds) is done via its 999cc inline-four engine that's able to produce 212hp at 14,500rpm and 113Nm of torque at 11,000rpm. That's 5hp more, plus a dry weight of only 170kg. Try to calculate its power-to-weight ratio and compare that to some of the world's most exotic hypercars, you'll be amazed.

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