BMW Group Malaysia gets new Managing Director & CEO

By sep, 28 April 2021

BMW Group AG has appointed Hans de Visser as BMW Group Malaysia's new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). De Visser will be taking over the important roles and leadership responsibilities from the BMW Group Malaysia's current Managing Director, Harald Hoezl, starting 1 May 2021.

With over 29 years of experience from different roles helmed at BMW Motorrad Munich, BMW Russia, and several more across the globe, his vast knowledge in marketing and sales will be valuable for him to prosper in the new position. Those who are close to Hoezl should rejoice in the fact that he'll be taking up a new role over at BMW Group in Vienna, Austria, after lending his support to de Visser for the first two months.

According to Hendrik von Kuenheim, Senior Vice-President Region Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, "I also want to take the opportunity to thank Harald for his work over the last few years in Malaysia. He and his team made BMW Number One in the segment and strengthened the position of the company in the country." Big shoes to fill, these.

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