BeyonCa aims to redefine smart EVs

By ramieza, 01 November 2022

BeyonCa aims to redefine smart EVs

 Premium smart electric vehicle (EV) maker BeyonCa has announced its global debut, showcasing the BeyonCa Gran Turismo Opus 1, a creation made possible by the company's unique position and capabilities.

Comprising an elite team of premium car industry veterans, as well as technology experts from consumer electronics and Internet companies, BeyonCa will set the standard for a super-premium EV, one never before seen in this era of new EV brands.

The full-size GT Opus 1 will excite the senses, no matter if one is admiring its lines from the exterior, taking in the luxurious interior as a passenger, or feeling your pulse racing as you sit behind the wheel. At the same time, as an EV-era company, BeyonCa will transcend the mindset of today’s automotive industry through its ecosystem of use cases and solutions offered in, around and beyond the car.

The company has set up an office in Singapore with plans for an R&D hub in the future.

Weiming Soh, Founder and Chairman of BeyonCa, said: “The BeyonCa GT Opus 1 truly signifies what BeyonCa stands for, as we set out to define the super-premium smart EV segment. The result of our team's work is the perfect combination of design, craftsmanship, comfort, sportiness, and an amazing experience."

"The 'smart' part is incredibly important in defining the super-premium EV space. Our philosophy is that technologies are here to serve a purpose, but should not be the purpose itself. Rather, we will consolidate and integrate advanced technologies, and shift from function-driven to scenario-driven methodology. BeyonCa will offer users meaningful products with integrated super-premium user experience where users will enjoy the real value of services in the car, around the car, and beyond the car."

"Singapore is an international metropolis, and is Asia's R&D center in many technical areas, especially in AI and health technologies, and has great potential to be a leading player in the intelligent AI sector. I'm looking forward to the synergy between Singapore's attitude towards innovation and BeyonCa, that will redefine the global intelligent EV landscape," Soh added.

BeyonCa expects to roll out its first mass-produced car model in 2024, just as projected demand for premium smart EVs starts rising rapidly both in Asia and globally.

“When we are entrepreneurs, we must do things that matter most to people and their families, and consistently bring long-term values to society and our users. This is why we named the company BeyonCa – it simply stands for ‘Beyond the Car,’” Soh added.