Bentley’s going after another Pikes Peak record

By topgear, 28 March 2019

Pikes Peak isn’t until June, but Bentley is already gearing up for the 12.42-mile, 156-corner hillclimb. Why? Because it wants another record - this time for fastest production car.

Last year Rhys Millen nabbed the record for fastest production SUV in a standard(ish) Bentayga, trimming two minutes from the existing record (a Range Rover Sport SVR) with a time of 10m 49.9s and average speed of 66.5mph (107kph).

This year he’ll drive a Continental GT in an attempt to set the record for the fastest production car. Its twin-turbocharged W12 makes 626bhp and 900Nm. 0-100kph takes 3.7 seconds and the top speed is 333kph - not that Mr Millen will get anywhere near that. You can read more about the Continental GT by clicking on these words.

Bentley says it’s already preparing the car, but because it wants a production car record it can’t do much. For the Bentayga it added racing front seats, a roll cage and fire extinguisher, special Pirelli tyres and a production-spec Akrapovic exhaust. And removed the rear seats. It’s very likely similar mods will be made to the Conti GT.

The Internet doesn’t really know what the existing production car record is, which ought to make Bentley’s job a bit easier. Nonetheless much effort is being put into the record attempt - Bentley’s motorsport boss Brain Gush said: “The challenge to set the outright record for production cars is not one we underestimate, but we are confident in the combination of our W12 engine, the dynamic ability of the new Continental GT and the outstanding skill of Rhys Millen.”

Millen, of course, is a Pikes Peak legend. He’s scored 12 class/division wins in a whopping 25 appearances. Let’s see what he can do with a 2.3-tonne GT car.