Behold: the 500bhp, $295k ‘tactical’ Hummer H1

By topgear, 07 May 2019

If indefatigable master assassin John Wick ever needed a new set of wheels, he needn’t look any further. Because the lining of this… this thing is ‘tactical’.

It has been constructed by a Detroit-based company called Mil-Spec Automotive, and we suspect has rocketed to the top of your very latest nightmare. Welcome to #006: the sixth specially built Hummer Mil-Spec’s done.

They started with a 1996 four-door H1, and – much like Singer and Redux do with the 911 and E30 M3 – stripped it down and put it back together again, only better. They replaced the floorplan with a welded aluminium one. They replaced body panels with specially fabricated aerospace-grade aluminium versions. They even ditched weight wherever necessary, and strengthened up the whole truck.

We’re told the most unique aspect of #006 is the adjustable suspension setup. Mil-Spec’s #002 had air-ride, but this one gets self-levelling and a four-inch ride height adjustment (via airbags at each corner, controllable from within the cabin, of course) for better off-road ground clearance.


Eight-way adjustable shocks finish off the suspension setup, while Mil-Spec have binned the standard four-wheel drive for a part-time set-up. Under normal loads – say, on road when evading a horde of less-good assassins – it’s rear-drive, engaging the front axle only when you decide to climb up a mountain. We’re told it’ll be quiet inside, though, thanks to better NVH. NVH! In a Hummer!

The engine? There is one. It’s a 6.6-litre Duramax diesel from the 2006 Hummer, rebuilt and reassembled to kick out 500bhp and 1,356Nm of torque, which is more than a regular 1996 Hummer would have produced. Do not ask us for a 0-100kph time. A), it really doesn’t matter, and B), we don’t actually know.

There are mighty tyres. It’s finished in black with Kevlar, with semi-gloss trim bits. There’s a bonnet scoop, big bumpers, a winch, and LED light bar. Naturally you can personalise the interior. This one gets… a black interior, with all-weather vinyl replacing the floor carpets. Plus lots of sound deadening. Because screams aren’t fun.

The price? $295,039 (RM1.2 million). As mentioned, it’s the sixth of Mil-Spec’s special Hummer line, and we’re told they’re only building 12 limited edition Hummers. Does thou wanteth one?