Be scared: Bowler's made an angry V8 Defender road car

By topgear, 14 August 2018

A new Bowler is coming, and you ought to be interested. Where its previous vehicles have been off-road playthings, perhaps only relevant if you have frequent access to closed forests or disused quarries, this one’s designed for the road. Yikes.

All we’ve seen so far is a teaser video, from which this image is sourced. But there’s more than enough information to paint a picture of what’s coming.

One, it’s clearly based on a Land Rover Defender. A Defender that’s been painted matt black, though subtle it ain’t; it’s gained an aggressive body kit with big fat arches. Width restrictors will surely be its kryptonite. It’ll be intimidating in a rear-view mirror, of that we’re sure.

Two, it’s got a stonking great V8 in it. The short video – posted on Twitter – invites guesses as to what’s powering it, but there’s no mistaking the noise is from something big and eight-cylindered with scant regard for saving the world. Could it be the supercharged V8 that’s so boisterously noisy in the Range Rover SVR? We shall wait and see.