Bad guys steal half-a-mil dollars’ worth of Durango SUVs from factory

By ahmadzulizwan, 24 August 2018

Is Toretto back to his old ways? Is Detroit truly that sketchy? These are the questions we ask when learning that thieves have driven away with $500,000 (over RM2 million) worth of brand new Dodge Durango SUVs from its assembly plant in Detroit. The criminal’s exploit – or rather just the driving-away part – was recorded by security cameras as they crashed through a security gate at the Chrysler plant a few weeks back.

The Durango starts from over $60,000, so considering that six were stolen we can only assume that these were well-specced units. Or it could have been the 478hp Dodge Durango SRTs (pictured here). If only they didn’t have potatoes as CCTV cameras.

But hey, not that this is a rare occurrence. In fact, this is the third time it’s happened. THIRD! The first was back in May when Toretto… we mean the ‘perps’, got away with eight Dodge Ram trucks using the same modus operandi.

Detroit police chief James Craig said he ‘has suspicions’. "Is it really an outside person or is it an inside person? I'll leave that to one's imagination, but certainly we're looking at every angle."