Audi’s virtual concept is back for a new film trailer

By topgear, 29 November 2019

Late last year, Audi gave us a first glimpse at the RSQ e-tron – a virtual concept car been designed for an animated movie featuring Will Smith and Tom Holland. Said movie was to be called Spies in Disguise, and we now know that it’ll be released on Christmas day this year.

We’ve also now seen the RSQ e-tron in action, as Audi has released a sort-of-teaser-trailer-thing below. Pre-warning, it features a car chase with a helicopter-launched missile.

Now, the last time Will Smith drove an Audi concept in a film was back in 2004, and it turned out that the RSQ from I Robot had given us a sneak preview of the R8. Will this e-tron lend some styling details to the next R8?

It looks pretty wild, of course, and it’s fully-electric and autonomous. Plus, there are hologram-style dials and a clear display of the 483km (300-mile) EV range. There’s even a voice-activated boost system. 

The sound is interesting too. There are moments where the e-tron emulates an internal combustion engine, and others where it sounds like a futuristic spaceship.

Forget the film for a moment. What do you think of the car, fellow kids? And would you like to see some of those features on a future R8?